Indiana Religious Freedom Law- Is it really “discriminatory”?



I am NOT anti-LGBTQ, I am pro-liberty and an avid supporter of equal rights.

I am NOT a religious advocate, I am an atheist.

Now since that is out of the way let me start by giving you a little backstory.

Indiana recently passed a bill into law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that would allow individuals and organizations to deny service and products to certain classes of people if they believed it was contrary to their religious beliefs.

Few instances-

  • A photographer denied her services to a gay couple and was in turn sued by the couple under the state’s anti-discriminatory act.
  • A couple running a bakery was fined heavily for refusing to prepare a cake for a homosexual couple because their beliefs were against same-sex marriage.

Now, the law that Indiana has passed would protect the interests of these so-called “discriminators” and allow them the freedom to refuse service if it causes a burden on their religious beliefs.

Simple, right?


This law has taken the internet and LGBTQ activists by storm, it has now evolved into a huge controversy. The main reasons for this being controversial are:

  • It allows people the freedom to “discriminate”
  • It denies specific classes their “freedom” and “rights”


Let’s break this down, shall we?

According to the Oxford dictionary the definition of discrimination is as follows- the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people.

I don’t see what is unjust in denying goods and services on the basis of preference. What is unjust is forcing businesses to serve a certain class of people even if it is against their beliefs. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against gays but if an individual or a private organization wants to deny their services to anyone and not just gays, they should be allowed to do so.

The community will recognize these businesses that are prejudiced and stop shopping from there, eventually they will be put out of business by their own practices. Thus, it is in the business owner’s own interest to offer products and services equally to all.

However this does not mean that the law should push upon these businesses to offer goods and services to all, if a business wants to serve to a certain type of clientele they should have the liberty to do so, no matter how foolish, immoral or absurd as long as it is not forcing or hurting anybody.

There is an attack on liberty only when people are in some way oppressed by way of force and there is no oppression involved in denying service, it is merely a personal preference. Laws however oppress the freedom and liberty of the individual and organization by forcing them to act in contradiction with their own beliefs. Wouldn’t it be unfair if a customer was forced to shop from a particular business even if they did not want to? So then why should businesses be subject to this obligation?

Celebrities and influential people have spoken against this law, businesses have started to move out of Indiana because they claim this law is unfair and discriminatory BUT at the same time these very people protest AGAINST this law which provides freedom to individuals to exercise their beliefs as long as they don’t oppress anyone, isn’t that unfair and discriminatory?

I believe much of the uproar has been caused by this law being named the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a more suitable name would be along the lines of Freedom To Do My Own Damn Business As Long As It Is Not Forced Upon You Act.

Once again, I respect all classes and have nothing against anybody, I just believe that a business should be allowed to associate with and serve whomever they want, much like how customers are allowed to shop from whomever and wherever they want to.

I must take my leave now and leave you to be rational in your thoughts and opinions.

I bid thee adieu until next time.


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