Everyone is a hyprocite

Yes, I stand by my post’s title. EVERY SINGLE PERSON is a hypocrite, especially the ones who are “kind”. I say this because kind people are basically the kind of people (pun intended) who are not rude to you or can tolerate what most people find annoying, they don’t whine about stuff and don’t talk/react harshly even if a person is annoying them. BUT, on the inside they do find the person annoying and they do feel like whining about things that rude people would mostly just say out loud.

Suppose A is a very kind person and B is a jerk, B is annoying A in a conversation but A keeps it to himself and later on tells his friend about how he had to “tolerate” B. EVERY DAMN PERSON does that!

If you got a problem with someone or something just freaking say it! You have every right to express your opinion, regardless if it’s offensive or not. Being offensive to a person on their face is better than whining about it on the inside or complaining about it to a friend.


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