Truth behind karma

I feel there is no such thing as karma. I guess it’s just a fancy term invented so that people would stick to doing good deeds and stay within good morals. The concept of karma is embedded deeply within our brain. When you do something bad to someone, it’s only human nature for them to do the same to you, it’s quite obvious but karma is treated as if it’s a supernatural thing that will affect you in the future.

We take karma way too seriously that our brain links it with any good/bad deed that happens to us. For example: If I feed a stray cat and after a while if something good happens to me, I would link it with my act of feeding the cat and consider it karma. Whereas, if I ignored the cat and something bad happened to me, I would consider it ill fate from karma due to ignoring the cat.

But what’s fascinating is that in the period between me feeding the cat and something happening to me, if something bad were to happen, I wouldn’t exactly notice it all that much because I would be feeling that it’s going to lead to something positive because I performed a good deed earlier.

Perhaps, if the same bad thing that happened to me when I fed the cat were to happen when I didn’t feed it, I would not see it as a positive indication because my guilty conscience would link it with bad karma.

So I guess karma is just the most convincing con, ever.


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