‘Judging’ isn’t exactly wrong

Unless you’re living under a rock, you might’ve heard the phrases “Don’t judge me”, “Geez, you’re so judgemental”. Let me tell you something, we all are overreacting. By saying such stuff we actually try to tell ourselves that what we are doing, wrong or right, is actually right and anyone who thinks otherwise is just judgemental or jealous.

I am not saying that judging completely isn’t wrong, people look at Muslims and deem them as terrorists, now that is just an awful mentality. The kind of judgement I’m referring to is just mere. Example: If I see a bunch of guys bullying a kid, of course I am to judge them and know that they are bad people! The same people who say “Choose your friends wisely” also say “Don’t judge” 

We all judge, when you see something or someone your brain automatically thinks about their doings and interprets their character. Anyone who claims not to judge is a hypocrite. So what I’m trying to convey is that judging is a very important element of life, just gossiping about people and spreading crap about them on the basis of what they’ve done or how they are, is wrong.

Judging is a crucial part of how we understand our environment, choose who we interact with and for other various stuff. People just overreact.


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